Barry A. Shapiro

Barry A. Shapiro Memorial Award for Excellence in Critical Care Management recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the design and/or implementation of evidence-based practice which has significantly impacted clinical, operational, or fiscal outcomes within their area of responsibility. The recipient receives an honorarium of $500, a plaque, and complimentary SCCM Congress registration.

Deadline and Submission
August 1
Submission Form

Submission Requirements
A nomination letter and three letters of support must be submitted. Letters of support are preferred, but not required, upon initial nomination submission. Self-nomination is accepted.

To apply or nominate requires:

  • Submission of a current curriculum vitae (required for self-submission)
  • Submission of a nomination letter (self-submission or by SCCM member)
  • Submission of at least three letters of support from individuals from more than one institution who were involved with the activity or activities, noted above, emphasizing how the nominee has demonstrated leadership in support of the award criteria.


The nominee must meet the following criteria:

  • Candidates must be nominated by an SCCM member in good standing or may self-nominate for the award.​
  • Show a history of employment and be currently engaged in a clinical environment in a position of leadership as evidenced by leadership roles they have held or currently hold related to the clinical practice of critical care

Criteria considered by the selection committee will include:

  • Has the nominee met all of the eligibility criteria noted above?
  • Does the submission demonstrate the nominee made a significant contribution(s) to the design and/or implementation of evidence-based practice?
  • Does the submission demonstrate the nominee has significantly impacted clinical, operational, or fiscal outcomes?
  • Does the submission demonstrate the use of the multiprofessional team in achieving the stated outcomes?
  • Does the submission demonstrate the “Learn It, Deliver It, Measure It, and Improve It” quality improvement paradigm in regular use at the institution?
  • Is the nominee a Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine (FCCM) in good standing?
  • Does the intensive care unit meet the Leapfrog Group’s ICU Physician Staffing standard (IPS)
    • Hospitals fulfilling the IPS Standard will operate adult or pediatric general medical and/or surgical ICUs and neurological ICUs that are managed or co-managed by intensivists who:
        • Are present during daytime hours and provide clinical care exclusively in the ICU
        • When not present on site or via telemedicine, returns pages at least 95% of the time, (i) within five minutes and (ii) arranges for a FCCS-certified physician or physician extender to reach ICU patients within five minutes.

Selection and Notification
A subcommittee of the Board of Regents, which reports to the SCCM Awards Committee, selects the award recipient by ranking all of the qualifying submissions. The nominee with the highest ranking will be selected for the award. The selection committee may not present an award in a given year should it find that no candidate meets minimum criteria. The recommendation will be forwarded to the Executive Committee for final review.

The Award recipient will be notified by November 1. The winner will be announced during an awards ceremony at the Critical Care Congress.

Questions may be directed to Carol Prendergast.